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Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise wherever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has the superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be enough business.
Abraham Lincoln
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Why Choose Soloman Law?

Injury Law:

  • Experienced lawyer and former insurance claims adjuster finalize cases.
  • 5 1/3% less fees than any other lawyer guarenteed.
  • 30 day no fee customer satisfaction period.

Family Law:

  • Work directly with attorney Soloman Kim.
  • Soloman is a Certified Mediation Practitioner.
  • Hourly and flat fee services offer maximum payment flexibility.

5 Star Attorney Reviews

Personal Injury Case

The process could not have gone more smoothly! I will be recommending Soloman to anyone I think would benefit from his gifts as a knowledgeable, conscientious and gifted attorney.

Anthony C.

Family Law

Part lawyer, part advocate, part counselor and definitely a friend, I would refer Soloman Kim to anyone who needed a divorce lawyer or personal injury attack dog!

Ryan G.

Bothell and Mill Creek Edmonds and Lynnwood
Soloman Kim
Managing Partner
Jason Gaylord
Director of
Business Development

Our Promise To You

At Soloman Law, we pledge to you that we will apply 22 years of legal experience (and over 1,000 clients), courtroom and trial appearances, and legal knowledge to resolve and achieve the best outcome for your case. Although the "LAW" may be the same, every single client's situation and personal story must be carefully heard, understood, and examined to find a just solution. We measure success in our legal practice by our client's informed decisions and personal appreciation for the final result achieved. We look forward to meeting you over the phone and in person.