Attorney Fees and Options

Affordable and flexable payment options available

At Soloman Law, we offer very flexible payment plans, flat fee quotes, and other payment options to you that few other local attorneys can match. We know firsthand that coming up with a retainer or deposit to pay for an attorney can be very difficult and challenging based on the life circumstances that bring you to us. So, let's talk about fees and payment options openly and find a way to work together for Soloman Law to represent you and your family in your case.

Billable hourly rate

Our billable hourly rate is $300. This means that for every increment of time that we spend working for you on your case, we will bill you for that amount of time against the $300 amount. For example, if we write a letter and/or talk on the phone with you or opposing counsel, and this time amounts to .25 or a quarter hour, then we would note this time charge as .25 x $300 = $75.00 for the 15 minute amount of work. This naturally carries over to a .5 hour charge would amount to $150.00 and a 2.0 hours charge would equate to $600.00. If you have any questions about how the billable hourly charge works, please feel free to ask us about this calculation procedure and process. For most, if not all civil type cases, i.e. Family Law, Divorces, Civil Trials, Contract Negotiations, etc, these types of cases are typically charged as billable hourly rate cases.

Contingency fee

For Personal Injury cases/claims, we charge a contingency fee of 28% of the gross settlement amount realized or recovered on behalf of the client from the insurance company. This is 5 1/3% less than most lawyers charge for the exact same services. Our unique fee structure puts more money in our clients pockets. Injury claims are challenging enough for you and your family and it’s our job to make things easier during this process. We do not negotiate this percentage at the front end of the case, but we have traditionally and historically adjusted our fees to make sure that the Client always recovers the maximum payout in the end. Again, every case is different, but we try very hard to make sure that every personal injury client walks away from our representation with the best and fairest settlement for their case and claim. We offer free consultations on all personal injury cases.

Flat fee rates

We can and do offer a flat fee charge for mediations, uncontested divorces and select criminal defense matters.

We only offer criminal defense representation in select circumstances. With most criminal defense cases, we quote and charge a flat fee amount to represent you from start to finish. There might be a need to reserve additional charges if a trial will be required or necessary or elected by the client, but generally, criminal defense cases resolve by way of a final disposition without the need for a trial. It should be known that the amount of the Flat Fee can start anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000 plus depending on the type of criminal charge, (i.e. DUI, or simple misdemeanor to a felony) and on the number of charges alleged against you. Therefore, we are comfortable in quoting a flat fee to give the client certainty of the amount involved for my representation.

We also offer a one-time flat fee consultation charge of $200 for a face to face sit down meeting to discuss with you your civil case and situation for about one hour or longer depending on the case and situation.

Also know that I will talk with you initially over the phone for "FREE" to listen and gauge whether I can help you with your particular case and situation. So, give me a call and let's talk.

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