Code of Ethics

Raising the standard of personal legal practice

Soloman Law is committed to building and maintaining trust with our clients. Our goal is to provide a positive experience every time you do business with us. The following Code of Ethics gives you the confidence that we are dedicated to:

  • Treat all clients equally with respect and dignity we strive to treat all clients with courtesy and prompt service as well as integrity and respect.
  • Listen and be responsive to inquiries and requests we are committed to the highest level of client service through personal accountability, professional conduct, and employee empowerment.
  • Provide the service quality promised we assume full responsibility for client transactions and do what is necessary to meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Communicate clearly, openly we believe clients have a right to fully understand their family or injury law case processes, during, and through completion of their transactions.
  • Disclose pricing and financial policies—with no surprises clients have the right to expect their invoice will reflect the agreed contractual terms and to approve any additional charges prior to being incurred.
  • Fulfill client commitments our main objective of every case is to deliver quality and results in every transaction.
  • Resolve any misunderstandings quickly and courteously we are committed to positive client experiences. Clients have the right to speak with Soloman at any time!
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