Compassionate, knowledgeable divorce representation

The final outcome of a divorce can and will have a profound impact on your personal life, your financial security and the ability to be involved in your children’s lives. With so much riding on the final outcome, divorce can be intimidating, and the uncertainty of what will happen next throughout the process is simply overwhelming. Sometimes, just knowing you have an experienced, dedicated and compassionate attorney working on your behalf and looking out for your best interest can prove to be a tremendous source of relief and peace of mind. A divorce can and will change your life in so many ways, but with the right representation, your experience can and will be better versus trying to handle things by yourself.

At Soloman Law, you can be confident you will receive sound advice, with years of experience, wisdom, and with a common sense approach to the complexities of divorce. With 22 years practicing divorce law, we ensure our clients receive the highest level of care, attention, and support during our representation of their divorce.

We tailor our approach to meet your needs

We work diligently to seek and create favorable resolutions to all issues related to your divorce including:

  • High-asset divorce with complex property division.
  • Spousal support and alimony determination and modification.
  • Child custody and support determination and modification.
  • Valuation and division of business interests and professional practices.
  • Division of valuable assets including retirement accounts and all other marital property.

Put our experience to work for you

Contested divorces can get ugly in some circumstances. At minimum, it’s often a long, drawn-out and unpleasant battle. Experienced, capable and reliable legal representation is needed, whether your case is mediated, negotiated in the office or litigated for a judge to decide.

At Soloman Law, you will be represented by an experienced family law attorney adept at handling complex divorce cases. Our sole goal is to offer you the compassionate, reliable and aggressive representation your case requires to win. We work diligently to ensure the rights of our clients are fully protected. We offer free consultations with convenient appointment times.

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