Our Firm

Compassionate. Experienced. Dedicated.

Soloman Law is a law firm in the traditional sense: we have partners who own the firm and associates who help us process personal injury and family law cases in Bothell, Mill Creek, Edmonds and Lynnwood. However, we are not top-heavy with more partners than associates where the firm exists to continue feeding the top line as its bottom line which can compromise the firm’s ultimate commitment to the client. Instead, Soloman Law exists because we love helping people through complex, emotional, and often the most stressful life situation they have ever faced. Bad things happen to good people every day and at Soloman Law we hope to be the lifeline for such clients caught up in their tsunami of life. We have chosen to remain a boutique firm in order to maintain better relationships through constant communication with each and every client and provide the highest attention and dedication to every case we handle.

As a potential client, it’s imperative to feel comfortable with the attorney you hire to represent you and your family. Meet with them, shake their hand, look them in the eyes, and understand their practice philosophy and see if it matches with the goals and expectations of your case. If not, keep looking for the right attorney for you. Litigation is a long haul and if you don’t feel comfortable and confident in your lawyer, you will come to regret both the emotional and financial investment made for your case regardless of the outcome.

At Soloman Law, our philosophy and approach ensures you are happy with your end result:

  • Fee structure

    Unlike many attorneys, we believe it’s our job to help our clients while saving them money at the same time. Our client-first approach to practicing law allows us to offer the most favorable fee structure in the marketplace. On personal injury cases, we take our fees from the net versus the gross settlement amount which puts real money back into our client’s pocket and our hourly rates are always fair, reasonable, and adjusted with our client-first approach.

  • One client at a time

    Our firm’s boutique structure and independence allows us to give each case the appropriate resources that it deserves. For example, if your goal is cost savings, we may elect to have a paralegal and/or associate handle certain elements of your case, knowing that an attorney oversees their work and will provide appropriate legal guidance. This allows you to have the best of both worlds: the oversight of an experienced attorney with the cost-saving advantage of a paralegal and/or an associate to do the day-to-day work.

  • Communication is key

    While technically a law firm, we recognize that Soloman Law is actually a communication company. It has been our experience that every breakdown in an attorney-client relationship is really a breakdown in communication. As such, it is our priority and dedication to maintain consistent contact and communication with you during every element and phase of your case.

  • Preparation is critical

    We prepare for every case as if it’s going to trial. Basically, expect the worst, but prepare for the best outcome and result. We plan for every contingency and work hard to stay ahead of our opponents as the events of your case unfold. This preparation helps us create the leverage we need to maximize your settlement and get the most fair and reasonable results you deserve.

  • Team approach

    Every case we handle is a team effort. The team consists of your lawyer, support staff, experts, investigators, and you. As our client, you are a vital part of the legal team. You have been living the events that led you to find us and every case originates from the life story of each client and their strength, character, and credibility wins the day. Once we understand your situation and needs, we will assign the best team of experts best suited to help you win.

  • Use of experts

    Your legal team can consist of expert witnesses and investigators. Due to the breadth of our practice areas (personal injury, high-asset divorces, and wrongful death) we have relationships with experts and even co-counsels in many different fields. Our list of experts is long and distinguished because we know they help us resolve cases fairly and their resources offer great benefits for our clients.

  • Soloman Law promise

    At Soloman Law, we are warriors for your cause and we promise we will fight with all reasonable and able tactics to help you win and resolve your case. Over the past 20+ years, our dedication to help personal injury and family law cases drive us to deliver and bring about a positive difference to each and every case we take on for our clients. We are advocates and we take our promise seriously and with the client’s best outcome as our measure of success.

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