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Car, truck, and motorcycle collisions occur daily in Bothell, Mill Creek, Edmonds and Lynnwood. Nobody expects an accident to happen to them, but once it occurs everything changes, and for some it’s a life changer. Many people are left with serious, debilitating, and permanent damage to their bodies and their lives, and their families will never be the same again. When these collisions are caused by the negligence, inattentive driving, or reckless behavior of another driver, injured parties have a right to pursue just and fair money compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and much more.

If you were injured in an auto, truck or motorcycle collision, it’s imperative to recognize that the insurance company is already working to pay as low as they can pay out on your claim. You will never be taken seriously until you have an experienced attorney representing your interests and fighting for your loss and damages. Insurance companies respond when they feel threatened, and unfortunately, you are not threatening to them.

At Soloman Law, our experienced personal injury attorneys and claim negotiators know what it takes to recover all available compensation following car collisions, truck collisions and motorcycle collisions.

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You must prove that the car crash was the other driver’s fault – they were negligent. In other words, they did something a reasonable driver wouldn’t do or failed to follow the legal rules of the road. In Bothell and Mill Creek these collisions happen every single day. Maybe it’s not paying attention to the traffic ahead, running a red light, driving drunk, texting while driving, not stopping in time, driving too fast, tailgating or so many other things done in a car. No matter — negligence which then becomes liability must be proved and established in order for an insurance company to pay out for damages.


You must also prove that the car collision was the cause of your damages. Sometimes this is misunderstood. You don’t have to have been in perfect health before the crash to recover injuries sustained. Maybe you had a bad back or hip already but the crash made it worse. You can still recover for the amount it was made worse. For instance, if you were able to live with the bad back or hip before, and now you need surgery, then you can recover for the surgery and associated pain and suffering. But you must be able to prove the car crash caused the injuries.


You have to prove damages in order to be compensated for car collisions. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to maximize the amount you can and should collect for your losses and injury. Damages relating to a car crash are as follows:

Medical expenses

You are entitled to recover for all the medical bills that are for reasonable, related, and necessary care that arises from your car collision. The law refers to treatment costs as special damages. In most auto insurance policies, there is PIP (Personal Injury Protection) auto coverage that is for all medical treatment for you from the accident, which is paid by your insurance company. Usually this coverage is $10,000, and once it gets used up your health insurance must cover your treatments, but only after the PIP is exhausted. All your medical treatment costs become an integral part of your claim for damages.

Lost wages

If you were unable to go to work because of your injury or had to work reduced hours, you can claim these lost hours and income as part of your claim. You can also recover if your ability to earn a living in the future has been damaged or compromised due to the crash.

Property damage

You may have already settled with the insurance company for your property damage, i.e. the body shop cost to fix your car. If your car was fixed, it may not be worth what it would have been had it never been in a crash. You can recover for the loss in your vehicle’s value by choosing the right body shop that will work with you to come up with the most accurate report of the damage that may be underneath and unseen but very important for you and your family.

Pain & suffering

The law refers to these damages as non-economic or general damages. They are hard for some people to understand because they are not set or a fixed price like the price of medical care or a damaged vehicle. There is no chart or multiplier to calculate general damages. The amount is mostly determined by the experience, valuation from past jury verdicts, and overall accumulated knowledge assessed by your attorney. If your case went to trial, a jury of 12 community members would listen to all the evidence and decide what is fair compensation based on everything you went through and may go through in the future. One’s pain and suffering or general damages is what your attorney will seek to justify and recover for you in pursuing the best outcome for your claim and case.

Domestic services

If you had to hire someone to do the basic domestic chores you normally do for yourself, then you can document and seek recovery for this expense that happened due to the crash. This may apply to future needs too.

To secure the comprehensive, aggressive legal representation you need during this challenging time, contact Soloman Law today. We can review your case to determine how much your auto collision claim may be worth and what you may be able to recover. Come meet with us so that we can explain and help you best understand your rights and set you on the course to recovery.

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