Jason Gaylord

Jason Gaylord | Director of Business Development

Chief Negotiator
at Soloman Law

“Without continual growth, such words as improvement and success have no meaning.”

– Benjamin Franklin

About Jason

I’m Jason Gaylord, entrepreneur, personal injury consultant, claims negotiator, and Director of Business Development at Soloman Law. Over the past 20 years I’ve worked as a licensed agent and bodily injury claims adjuster for State Farm Insurance, founded 2 internet companies, conducted more than 12,000 customer surveys and have generally pursued my passions at every professional turn.

This blend of work experience provides me with a unique perspective when handling and settling high-end personal injury cases for our clients. I’ve got the passion and self-motivation to tackle any challenge and the insider knowledge and training to get superior results.

What I enjoy about being the Director of Business Development at Soloman Law is constantly learning, evolving and challenging myself both personally and professionally. What I love is helping our clients get the maximum payout for their injury settlement. Injury negotiation combines knowledge, compassion and competition and ignites my spirit. I’m truly blessed to do what I do!

Away from Soloman Law I love sharing time with my family, my wonderful girlfriend, playing fantasy football, camping and riding my quad up and down the west coast, coaching my nieces and nephews in all of their chosen sports, and playing, playing and more playing!! Basically living as fun and youthful a life as possible!

  • Central Washington University
  • Entrepreneur
  • Founder of 2 Internet Companies

Bothell and Mill Creek

Edmonds and Lynnwood