Insurance Bad Faith

Did your insurance company act in bad faith?

When collisions occur and people are injured or property is damaged, insurance companies know exactly what the policy covers and they usually know exactly what they are legally bound to pay to you. Unfortunately, sometimes, insurance companies through their adjusters or agents act unscrupulously after claims are filed in an effort to minimize or even completely avoid payouts or ignore their duty to pay when your claim is made. When they do this they act in bad faith towards the policyholders who have regularly paid their premiums.

Do you believe your insurance company acted in bad faith following an auto collision? Has your health, car or personal belongings been hurt or damaged? At Soloman Law, we can help individuals, families and businesses in potential insurance bad faith disputes. Without careful evaluation, just claiming bad faith is not good enough to sue your insurance company. Diligent documentation upon documentation must be made and shown and proven. So talk with us and let us help you.

When does “bad faith” occur?

Insurance companies do not have the right to use aggressive or intimidating tactics in order to scare you into dropping a claim or settling a claim for less than its full value. They do not have the right to unfairly or unilaterally deny your claim or stop payment on your benefits. After a recent auto injury, did your insurance company:

  • Deny your insurance claim?
  • Attempt to settle your claim for what seems to be an unfairly low amount?
  • Fail to pay for your damages in adherence with policy provisions?
  • Treat you unfairly?

We are highly experienced in representing vehicle owners in insurance disputes involving:

  • Automobile insurance
  • Homeowners’ insurance
  • Medical and health insurance
  • Commercial general liability insurance
  • Denied claims

What makes us different

  • Experienced lawyer and attentive team finalize cases.
  • 30-day no fee customer satisfaction period.

Our experienced trial attorneys know the law and are ready to help you. Before dropping a claim, settling a claim for less than its full value, or agreeing to be deposed under oath by your insurer, contact Soloman Law today to know your rights.

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