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There are many reasons why some marriages end. When a husband or wife decides to separate from one another the departure of one partner often leaves the other spouse feeling abandoned and betrayed. Issues that can be quickly resolved often turn into costly and time-consuming legal battles, pitting the soon-to-be ex-spouses against each other. In such situations, the only winners will be the lawyers being paid to argue, file motions, and litigate for their clients without any guarantees of the final outcome. For some, this is the only way to get things closed and done. But for many, the expense of a full-blown trial is just too expensive and too wasteful.

There are options available to divorcing couples if they wish to avoid or minimize such lengthy and bitter courtroom confrontations. Issues of child custody and property division can often prevent the spouses from being able to find an agreement between one another. These couples may decide to use mediation to resolve their divorce issues and hire a mediator to help facilitate their settlement goals.

Need a certified mediator?

Soloman Kim, an experienced family lawyer and managing partner of Soloman Law, is also a fully certified Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner recognized by the Volunteers of America Dispute Resolution Center. He offers a complete independent mediation service at competitive rates and is available to assist with your mediation needs.

Unlike many other mediation services in the local area, we don’t have long waiting lists and mediations can generally be booked at the earliest convenient time for both parties – either at the Soloman Law offices in Mill Creek or at a venue to suit you. To book a mediation session, contact us at 206-355-4555.

Mediation can save time and money

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a neutral third party (the mediator) directs and facilitates discussion of disputed matters in an attempt to open communication between the parties and to help bridge the differences in the conflict. However, the mediator is not a decision maker, does not represent either party and has no opinion or interest in the dispute or its outcome. A mediator’s primary role is to facilitate communication by asking questions and exploring individual needs and values and to help both sides find a compromised resolution to the problem.

The parties may exchange proposals with one another until they find a solution that works for all sides. This allows the spouses to focus on the actual issues and develop creative solutions to get around potential roadblocks. Mediation is also a required step in every family case before it can proceed to trial.

If the couple reaches an agreement, they remove the uncertainty that exists in every divorce case if left up to a judge. Agreements made between the parties during a mediation process are much less likely to lead to problems in the future. As such, mediation can be an effective tool for individuals involved in a divorce to talk about and come up with the best outcome for their individual needs and family dynamics. A successful mediation can help build communication skills that will only help the family and parents.

Bothell, Mill Creek, Edmonds and Lynnwood family law mediation services

At Soloman Law, we are pleased to offer mediation services to attorneys and their clients involved in a divorce or other contested family law matter. We have two conference rooms in our offices ideal for conducting mediations or we can travel to your office. Attorney Soloman Kim is a trained mediator and is available for half-day and full-day mediation sessions. He is available to share his 22 years of diverse family law experience to help clients and parties reach mutually agreeable resolutions.

As a lawyer and family law advocate, Soloman has always considered mediation a valuable tool for resolving disputes and truly believes in empowering the clients to make their decisions and control their destinies. He strives to facilitate communication and drive the mediation process forward in an efficient and effective manner to bring about a compromised settlement and end the conflict.

If you’re interested in seeking mediation services, don’t hesitate to contact Soloman Law today.

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