Soloman Law

What do other attorneys think about Soloman Law?

The following unsolicited statements have been gathered from various online lawyer credentialing organizations. We take pride in developing and maintaining relationships with other local attorneys to broaden our attorney network and expand our capabilities.

Business people

Confident and Knowledgeable

Personal Injury

Preparation. Protection. Peace of Mind.

Car Collisions

30-day no fee satisfaction guarantee

Dog Bites

Dogs bite about 4.5 million Americans each year

Catastrophic Injury

Serious injuries require serious representation

Peer Attorney Endorsments

We value our reputation in the greater community

Team Approach

Every case we handle is a team effort. The team consists of your lawyer, support staff, experts, investigators, and you. As our client, you are a vital part of the legal team.

Soloman Law Promise

At Soloman Law, we are warriors for your cause and we promise we will fight with all reasonable and able tactics to help you win and resolve your case.

Preparation is Critical

We prepare for every case as if it’s going to trial. This preparation helps us create the leverage we need to maximize your settlement and get the most fair and reasonable results you deserve.

Fairness. Integrity. Respect. Justice.

Our team continues to stay on the cutting-edge of injury and family law advocacy and legal representation by adhering to these core values.